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“Just to sum it all up in a very quick nutshell, I ended up finishing my time with Lindsay - a stronger, more energetically aligned and spiritually aligned soulprenuer. I came out of the 90 days knowing so much more about myself, feeling much more confident, and everything reflected in that way as well. My clients became more aligned, I got rid of the things in my business that no longer served me, I changed personal relationships, I moved the energy around which helped me show up as a more authentic me, so for all of that Lindsay I am so grateful, and so thankful.”


– Ruby Lee co-owner of Own Your Hustle & former 90 Day Signature Coaching Program client of Lindsay with Our & Are

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Our & Are clients expereince MASSIVE releases, the women who take part in Lindsay's 60 and 90 day programs find that letting go of what is holding you back opens the door for constant aha moments, up-levels, and paradigm shifts.

  • Clients have reported more freedom around understanding how to achieve the life of their dreams and both spiritual and practical steps on how to get there.
  • Lindsay's clients say they are happier and more filled with joy than ever before.
  • They feel satisfaction in so many areas of their lives.
  • Clients say that taking this program creates a ripple effect, jeu You help more people, change more lives, and really step into making a difference.
  • Women build up confidence in themselves and their work / goals / accomplishments.

"You will change the world." - Lindsay of Our & Are

"Coaching with Lindsay was INCREDIBLE. Especially for her 90 day program. Not only did I feel supported by her, she was able to identify blocks I didn’t realise I had from tapping into my energy.

Lindsay listened to me even when I thought I was being annoying with any ego thoughts of limiting beliefs.

Her energy is amazing and being in her presence alone is enough to feel better and more abundant.

Lindsay really helped me breakthrough mental blocks around money, worthiness, my ability to sell and so much more. I ended up finishing the year with her mentorship with tripling my money goal and having a 6 figure business!!

Thank you so much Lindsay for all that you have done! If you feel called to work with Lindsay - do it"



Kimberley Wenya

of the Kimberley Wenya Podcast

Manifestation Coach & Speaker

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