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energy & intuition

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energy and intuition

Here's the breakdown of what you get when you sign up for Energy & Intuition!

A video, with yours truly, that speaks to the pillars of energy and intuition. We will cover the following & so much more

Your energy system

  • Your energy is so much more than what we were taught in school, literally everything is energy, there is energy all around us, and inside of us.
  • Frequency and vibration are the secrets to the universe, when you start working through feelings and vibes and vibration you can really start to shift you experience of the world and your own reality

Chakra system breakdown  

  • What is a chakra – these are the centers of spiritual power, there are 7 main ones
  • Physical and energetic connection

What is intuition and do you have it?

  • I believe everyone is intuitive, we all have the connection inside us, but I also bleeive it’s like a muscle and it takes time, focus, energy to work it out and help it develop so it can be stronger
  • Identify how each of us is working in our own energy / not working in our own energy, in our intuition / not working in our own intuitive space

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Journal Prompts:

- I provide more than 14 journal prompts to help get you in flow and call forth profound downloads about your energy system

You also receive a powerful handout that breaks down the chakras so you can reference throughout your practices.

energetic scan mediation

I also assign suggested homework

  • use my energetic scan meditation to check in with each of your chakras
  • afterwards journal out your downloads

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