Live Session Series
The Live Sessions Series

In conjunction with Rachel Gitlevich and Rachel Chy, Lindsay hosts a monthly offering where the ladies come together, teach, offer practices and trainings, & provide integration support for a plethora of topics close to their hearts like the Akashic Records, Breath-work, Trauma Processing and more.

akashic records training with the rachels

This is for me

Series Kickoff - the first session with the Rachels was all about the Akashic Records.

In this session

  • witness a live Akashic Records reading ((Rachel G. opens Rachel C.'s records and reads for her))
  • we also discuss integration and how to use what you learn in the records for growth in your life
  • in addition the ladies talk about how they personally use their work in the records for their own growth and expansion

It's time to fall in LOVE with


the ever present tool
the divine teacher

Breath-work, works.
It really does.

If you are anxious, it can calm you
If you are tired, it can give you a pick me up
If you are feeling detached, it can tether you
If you are alone, it fills you with connection
If you are empty, it will fill you
If you are bursting at the seams, it will empty you

Breath-work is continually changing my life,
want to change yours?

Maybe just add a little sprinkle of magic?

Breath-work is a love of all of ours and one that we loved sharing with y'all

I want to fall in love with breath-work

I'm in!

stress procesing opening image

Stress Processing has been a very important area of practice for all three of us.

+ why is this so important for our growth 

+ what practices, tools, and processes do we each lean into & for what areas // topics specifically

+ how to make it your own

Together with the Rachels, on our monthly zoom offering, we dive into this topic because we each find it so important to our personal practice.

Each month the Rachels and I come together and address a topic of wellness that we find important.


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