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-> Are you stuck in a loop of the same thing over and over but can’t put your finger on how to shi(f)t your shit?
-> Does fear grab ahold of you when you try to take the next step towards fulfillment? 
-> Do you believe it has to be hard to achieve your dreams? 
-> Does the little voice in the back of your head keep you from starting or scaling a business?  
-> Do you hear why me, who am I, it will never happen, when you take steps towards your desires? 


If you said YES, then
this is for you
I've been where you are right now, seriously. There was a time in my life when my limiting beliefs held me back from abundance, love, fulfillment, achievement, connection, & so much more.
Now I'm not saying I didn't have anything to be grateful for, I totally did! What I am saying is that I was blocking myself from receiving so many of my desires because I was going through life with limiting beliefs deeply embedded in my operating system.


I did something about it?

Will you...?

isn't it time

Limiting Beliefs - the digital course

I’m Lindsay Schroeder, Spiritual Wellness, Intuitive Business, and Mindset Coach with Our & Are. I support soulprenuers & those with the entrepreneurial spirit develop their intuition, shift their mindset, and up-level their life & business. 
I am known for supporting // coaching // holding space for my clients as they create deep transformation in their lives & businesses. I have identified, processed, shifted, & reprogrammed many limiting beliefs in my own life to create a life & business that feeds my soul. 
I created this digital course to teach you my exact process for busting your limiting beliefs and help you create a personalized version so you can welcome in the next level expression of your truth. 
It’s time to become the conscious creator
of your life & I'm here to support you
as you marry

Limiting Beliefs - the digital course

the overview

Video #1 - Welcome & what is a Limiting Belief?

Video #2 - Identifying Limiting Beliefs

- preparing for your limiting beliefs practice

- option one - identifying limiting beliefs - connecting with the self

- option two - identifying limiting beliefs - journaling practice

Video #3 - Processing Limiting Beliefs

- honor your feelings

- catch limiting beliefs in the moment - process in the moment

- revisit your limiting beliefs when you have time // space

- questions to process your limiting beliefs


- Lindsay's C.O.R.E. Beliefs Practice

Learn Lindsay's signature practice to create core beliefs that support your life, wellness, fulfillment, and business!


Video #4 - Shifting your Limiting Beliefs


Video #5 - Reprogramming your Subconscious


Video #6 - Common Limiting Beliefs 

Video #7 - Putting it all together 

  • Lindsay will share her process, the exact blend of practices, the other, and all the details about her personal Limiting Beliefs practice
  • Get tons of information on how to customize your Limiting Belief's Practice for maximum results

"This practice, as with most spiritual practices, works best when you customize based on your personal needs. When you build a practice personalized to you, you set yourself up for quantum success. Learn how to edit, pivot, integrate, and maximize the potency of your practice" - Lindsay 

Limiting Beliefs - the digital course

RL testimonial 2
“The transformation I went through was a true awakening. Letting go of all of my past limiting beliefs required the deep work and I wouldn’t have had anyone else next to me but the one and only Lindsay Schroeder.
The work we did together was focused on my beliefs around money, acceptance that I am more than enough and forgiveness. This has helped me take my business and my life to the next level.”
- Ruby Lee
+ Founder, Own Your Hustle
+ Business Coach
KW testimonial
“Not only did I feel supported by her, she was able to identify blocks I didn’t realise I had from tapping into my energy. Lindsay listened to me even when I thought I was being annoying with any ego thoughts of limiting beliefs. Lindsay really helped me breakthrough mental blocks around money, worthiness, my ability to sell and so much more. I ended up finishing the year with her mentorship with tripling my money goal and having a 6 figure business!!”
- Kimberley Wenya 
+ Mindset Mentor
+ Dream Creator
Emily testimonial
visa testimonial image 2
My first session with Lindsay opened up the possibility that I could have a boyfriend and build a business at the same time. I didn’t believe it before. And I didn’t realize I didn’t believe it before. But by sitting with Lindsay for just a couple of hours, the brick walls I had built up around myself began to crumble down. And the possibility for love, romantic love, alongside my professional success, began to flow through me. I met my boyfriend 10 days later.”
- Emily Moyer 
+ Career Strategist
"Thanks to Lindsay, I was able to design and launch a group program which I had been wavering on because of my self doubt and it was hugely successful.  She helped me release so many limiting beliefs around making money.  One of the biggest wins I received as a result of working with her was releasing a ton of self doubt when it came to my coaching abilities. She helped me see and embrace my power and for that I will be forever grateful. I would recommend Lindsay to anyone, if they are looking for a deeply spiritual and intuitive experience while building their business."
- Visa Shanmugam
+ Change Catalyst Coach  
katie testimonial copy
alex testimonial
"Like many people, I'm so good at seeing potential in others. And I really believe that they could do whatever they put their mind to. However, when I first met Lindsay, I absolutely couldn't see or believe that for myself.
Since working with her, she's been the supportive, nurturing guide I needed to help me cut through my BS and see my limiting beliefs, where they came from and what I can do to move through them.
While I think it'll always be a work in progress, I finally feel like I have the tools and support to be the version of myself who truly believes she's just as capable and worthy as all the others she's cheered on for the past 30 years.
I've already seen shifts, both inside and outside of myself, and I cannot wait to see the continued growth and achievement that comes from this work with Lindsay."
- Katie Gootenberg
+ Founder, Digitally Enhanced Marketing
+ Marketing Strategist
"Lindsay was able to help me identify and shift some limiting beliefs around my family dynamic that have been affecting me for most of my life. After doing limiting beliefs work I was able to have a completely different and really powerful experience and connection with my family.
I didn’t know that was possible before this work. I used to think that goals and dreams were meant for other people, but not for me. Through her guidance on identifying and shifting limiting beliefs, Lindsay has helped me see that my desires are meant for me, and take the steps towards manifesting them"
- Alex Dakas
+ Founder, Peaceful Parlor
+ Feng Shui, Intuitive Home Decor, & Spiritual Counselor
katie testimonial
“After working with Lindsay I was able to identify that I am my only limitation. I was keeping myself from things I wanted without even realizing it. I now have a process to work through my limiting beliefs and it has changed my life.
- Katie 
+ Healthcare Professional

Limiting Beliefs - the digital course

the details
-> When you sign up you'll receive via email, access to the following:
  • Video #1 Welcome & Video #2 Identifying LBs 
  • Workbook #1 - Identifying LBs 
For those of you taking care of the early bird special or VIP Upgrade
  • you will also receive Lindsay's Intention Setting Training

-- The sooner you sign up the longer you have to set your intention & work on identifying YOUR Limiting Beliefs. When Video #3 is available on May 31st you will have the specific Limiting Belief you would like to work on and you'll be ready to shift(f)t your shit! --


-> May 31st EVERYONE in the Digital Course will receive via email, access to the following:
  • Video #3 - Processing LBs 
  • Lindsay's C.O.R.E. Beliefs Practice Training
-> 5 days later you'll receive via email, access to the following:
  • Video #4 - Shifting LBs
-> 5 days later you'll receive via email, access to the following:
  • Video #5 - Reprogramming LBs 
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Training // EFT // Tapping Workbook
-> 5 days later you'll receive via email, access to the following:
  • Video #6 - Common LBs 
  • Common LBs Master List
-> 5 days later you'll receive via email, access to the following:
  • Video #7 - Lindsay's LBS Practice & Customize YOUR Practice 


-- After all content has been provided you will also gain access to the Limiting Beliefs Playlist where you can find each video.
-- You will have lifetime access to Lindsay's Limiting Beliefs Digital Course & all updates
  • When Lindsay adds videos, workbooks, etc in the future you will automatically get access to that updated content!
Early Bird & VIP Upgrades
  • you will be offered access to schedule your one on one 45 min session after May 31st (we suggest you schedule your session after you've worked with Video #5)
VIP Whatsapp Access
  • the Our & Are team will invite you to connect with Lindsay via WhatsApp starting on May 31st (dependent on you providing your phone number upon purchase)
  • 48 hour response time
I'm ready
Early Bird opens May 18th
-> Limiting Beliefs - the digital course (# of videos, # of workbooks, # of xyz)
-> Lindsay’s C.O.R.E. beliefs practice 
-> BONUS - 45 minutes one on one with Lindsay
  • when you purchase Limiting Beliefs - the digital course during Early Bird you also get a 45 minute one on one call with Lindsay! Lindsay has never offered 45 minutes one on one sessions with digital courses or in any other format! Take advantage before the Early Bird cart closes! 
-> BONUS - Intention Setting Training 
  • Use this intention setting video to get clear on what you desire to get out of this course and make the most of your experience. Not only will this make the course more impactful but use this video to support you in setting the intention for EVERYTHING in your life and business. Get clear on your desires and set the intention so you can welcome more of what you want in to your life! 
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Limiting Beliefs

the digital course

Opens May 25th
  • Limiting Beliefs - the digital course 
  • Lindsay’s C.O.R.E. beliefs practice 


vip upgrades

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Get Whatsapp support from Lindsay for 4 weeks

- discuss your Limiting Beliefs work with Lindsay!

- 48 hour response time, get support, personalized advice, & implementation guidance


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  • 45 min one on one session with Lindsay
  • Intention Setting Training, set the intention for this digital course to get the absolute most out of it! Also use this to set the intention and maximize anything you do or create.
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