Giving and Receiving Mediation

Join Lindsay, Spiritual Wellness, Intuitive Business, and Mindset Coach with Our & Are for a Giving and Receiving guided meditation.
Giving and Receiving meditation with Lindsay of Our & Are

Giving and Receiving Mediation 
w/ Goddess video for Divine messages 

Materials needed: you, two crystals with only one end pointed, a comfortable place to sit 

Place the first crystal with the point facing in on your non dominant hand. Palm facing up, typically I do this while sitting with my legs crossed and I place my palm face up on my knees but adjust the position to what feels good for you. You just want to make sure the palms are up so you can have the crystal laying flat on the palm with the point facing in a specific direction. Hold the next crystal, point facing out or away from you, on your dominant hand .

Now you want to think of the points as little energetic traffic controllers, pulling in energy and vibration for what you desire, and pushing out or releasing energy that is no longer serving you or stagnant. Spend some time in focused thought or mediation thinking and this is the big part FEELING what you want to bring into your life, your desires, your manifestations, your goals & dreams. FEEL them as if they are already here, as if that money is in the bank, you’ve signed those soulmate clients, you are eating healthy and moving your body daily, you are pregnant, you’ve met the love of your life & so on. Feel these sensations coming into your non dominant hand via the point of the crystal, and feel deeply into the release of all that is no longer serving you, feel it leaving your dominant hand through the point of the crystal. 
Feel this amazing loop of energy clearning out what doesn’t feel good, what isn’t serving you, transmuting any low vibrations, and FEEL uour dreams, desires, and goals as reality. 

Feel the feelings & enjoy this practice. 

Extra tip – I love doing this practice while watching & listening to the following video. The movement of the colors over the goddess in this video really give me messages about what I need to bring in and what I need to release – specifically in reference to my chakra system.

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