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In working with Our & Are women live wildly abundant and prosperous lives. You learn to see yourself for the beautiful woman you are, inside and outside. You step easily into you flow state and take inspired spiritually aligned action towards your desires. You create with your words and thoughts. Through the elevated vibration around you, you up-level and connect with your highest and greatest good. You step into your Divine Feminine, and call forth all that you desire with ease and grace.

We see coaching through the spiritual as a means to address the symptoms we see in life by focusing on the root cause. Focus on the self, our operating system, our mindset, our self awareness, and self love - and through this we can guide you down the path of healing. Our work focuses on connecting women with their Divine Feminine - that soft, divine, juicy feminine aspect of self that we are taught to fear, to shy away from, to bottle up.

Here at Our & Are we change women’s lives. We facilitate growth, we hold sacred space for you as you develop, love, live, and connect to your Divine Feminine. Together we align, we balance, we learn to receive, we become connected to our goddess, our empress, and our medicine woman. We can be both the Athena & the Aphrodite. Join us on this magical healing journey.


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"The deepest experience of the creator is feminine

for it is the experience of receiving and bearing." -

Rainer Maria Rilke



Meet our founder Lindsay Schroeder

Lindsay is a spiritual coach, light worker, Reiki Master, intuitive healer, & she is a passionate Divine Feminine practitioner. Her comprehensive approach to wellness & spiritual connection includes coaching, mindset work, connecting with the lunar phases, embodiment, busting limiting beliefs, manifestation, EFT, NLP, crystal work, healing circles, meditative practice, rituals creation, & much more. Her work focuses on connecting women with their Divine Feminine - that soft, divine, juicy feminine aspect we each possess. She was called to this work because she spent years of her life studying, researching, and healing her own life. In healing her own life she found that she longed to share the practices that helped her release her childhood trauma, work through past relationship issues, develop deep self awareness, self confidence, and self love. She is passionate about helping women become conscious creators of the life they truly desire.

Lindsay’s Healing Journey



How did you become a Spiritual Wellness and Mindset Coach?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a bit about what brought me to where I am today – coaching women like you on how to develop their intuition, connect with their divine feminine, and up-level their lives.

I struggled with connection to my femininity for years. My mother and father were under the impression that I was a boy before I was born, clearly that didn’t pan out for them, and my father never really moved past that.

In an attempt to “give him what he wanted” I really focused on my masculine side. I grew up a tomboy and have always existed in a strong dichotomy of masculine and feminine. My interests, skills, and talents always pulled me in two extremely different directions. I was a professional makeup artist for years. I box, camp, and have a special bond with horses. I have always been looked at as “one of the boys” but my physical form screams female. I fought with my own understanding of self for a long time, both being so confident in who I was but knowing that society did not accept me in many spaces.

I have traversed many different terrains during my healing journey. I have gone to places far and wide, I have studied and researched and sought out healers of many different modalities to support me in my own healing. My parents started getting divorced when I was 9, and it took them 5 long, painful, battled filled years to officially divorce. I have had a strained relationship with my mother for many years, which I have done remarkable amounts of healing on recently, coming to terms with my mother’s cancer diagnosis and recent passing.  I was estranged from my father for years and have been healing my relationship with the divine masculine as far back as I can remember in the wake of my father’s absence and effect on my childhood. I was able to heal ancestral trauma through both sides of my bloodlines.



I feel deeply in love with spirituality, wellness, and “woo woo” when I began to work at a holistic wellness facility in Chicago in the summer of 2010. From the moment I looked at the website for the facility, I was enthralled, entranced, and became completely immersed. I knew my soul was home.  I became a certified angel card reader and received my first Reiki attunement (I have since gone on to become a Reiki Master). I started getting energy healing, working with crystals, aura therapy, and intuitive readings consistently. This journey led me to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

This was quite a process: one I am still deeply committed to. My self-practice became consistent and I found that the magic is in the details and in our habits. I was guided to teachers and practices that have absolutely changed my life. After about 7 years, I turned a corner. My whole life transformed. After years and years of consistent hard work, and what I viewed as minimal progress… everything started to fall into place. I began to absorb and assimilate the teachers’ works that I had been writing, reading, and studying. I was finally starting to feel them, understand them, and live them.  In healing myself, I have developed a beautiful relationship with my divine feminine and have been called to share this healing with women all over the world.



I was intuitively guided to the plant medicine Ayahuasca in 2018 and I am eternally grateful for the life changing experiences I've had. I experienced a profound rebirth through this powerful plant medicine and my Spiritual Coaching Business supremely benefited from this healing experience with Mother Ayahuasca. I am eternally grateful to the plant, to her teachers, and to all the guides that support my in these experiences. I love talking to other women who are interested in exploring plant medicine so if you have questions or are curious please jump over to our contact page and shoot me a message.



I cleaned up my past, traumas, limiting beliefs and started teaching women how they can do the same. I love to watch other women develop their intuition, connect with their divine feminine, and up-level their lives.

I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping other modern soulpreneurs and spiritual boss babes step unabashedly into the life of their dreams. As a Spiritual Wellness Healer I desire to make a difference in the lives of many. Each and every day I show up more & more fully, more aligned, and more fulfilled. I am happier now in every area of my life, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – I have the most amazing partnerships, friendships, and deep soulful connections. I am committed and absolutely in love with supporting women achieve the life, relationships, and businesses of their dreams.



Curious about the modalities, processes, principles, and techniques that we use at Our & Are? Look no further, explore some of our favorite tools.

Lindsay works with ETF, NLP, lunar practice, float tanks/sensory deprivation, crystals, acupuncture, energy healing in many modalities, other intuitive mediums, mediation, Shirodhara, other Ayurvedic therapies, and she connects deeply with divine feminine practices. She is constantly searching, learning, expanding, and opening.

  • Lindsay helps women who are stuck, who feel lost, who crave community and support, cultivate their happiness, consciously create their worlds, and live a life radiant and deeply fulfilled.


  • Lindsay helps women who exist in their masculine states so often that they have difficulties shifting into their divine feminine self. Women who are constantly asked or pressured to act like their masculine counterparts to get ahead in business but who desire balance in their life as a whole. These women often attract the wrong type of partner because they take their work “energy” into love, romance, and dating. She helps them direct their energy, harness their energy, and become deeply connected with their divine feminine.


  • Lindsay coaches coaches. She is passionate about helping those women who coach others (life, mindset, wellness, spiritual, business, career, love, relationship, etc coaches). Helping them to up-level with ease and grace. Helping them to understand deeply that they must fill their own cup up first to be able to help others.


  • Lindsay helps women who desire a connection to their spiritual selves, who are lacking something in their everyday lives. Women who can feel that something is missing, and that something is their connection to the divine, to the universe, to the ether.


  • Lindsay holds space and coaches woman to live their best lives. She helps them gain confidence, love themselves, step into their power, shift their mindset, achieve their dreams, develop their relationships, become the kind of mothers they want to be, increase the depth of their friendships, she helps them remove blockages, move past roadblocks, release stagnation, cleanse themselves of all that does not serve them, shift paradigms that hold them back, call up and transmute stuck energy from childhood/historical events.


  • Lindsay is a spiritual midwife to living your highest and greatest good. She assists women in developing their skills, tools, and understanding to manifest their desires with ease and grace.


  • She brings in beautiful ceremonies and rituals that help women feel deeply connected to their Divine Feminine, Goddess Self, Highest Self, Sacred Self, and Fully tethered self. She brings magic into their world and helps them believe that they are magic and have magic within them. She helps women find a happiness, connection to self, and deep sense of satisfaction they have dreamed of.


Lindsay has developed a deep practice with the Moon. She honors the cycles of the lunar phases, their effect on humans and specifically women, and she has synced her own cycle with the moon.  She is a proud member of Moon Club (if you haven’t heard of Alexandra Roxo and Ruby Warrington’s amazing club, check it out). She has hosted lunar circles at the wellness center she used to work at and privately for clients. She does regular practice with the moon, she sets intentions for every new moon and celebrates her physical and spiritual fertility at the full moon. She is a frequent attendee of the Full Moon Rituals at her Kundalini yoga studio. She also curates the Lunar section of the monthly Our & Are newsletter, sharing her wisdom and intuitive downloads in reference to the moon with her tribe.


Lindsay is a Spiritual Wellness & Mindset coach. She changes women’s lives. She helps woman grow, develop, love, live, and connect to the Divine Feminine. She is passionate, strong, sexy, smart, kind, compassionate, powerful. She is aligned, in balance, she receives, she is connected to her Divine Feminine, to her goddess, to her empress, to her medicine woman. She is the Kali, the Goddess, the Athena & the Aphrodite. She is a spiritual mother. She is a lover, a friend, a woman, a goddess. She lives a wildly abundant and prosperous life. She believes in the infinite beauty, inside and outside of us all. She steps easily into her flow state and takes inspired spiritually aligned actions. I is powerful in her manifestations and she creates with her words and thoughts. She is a spiritual wellness healer medicine woman magic female powerhouse and her important work makes a difference in the lives of many. Through her elevated vibration she up-levels those around her and she calls to her clients to live their best lives, connect with their highest and greatest good, and step into their Divine Feminine calling all that they desire to them with ease and grace.


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the game changer

Meditation is described in so many ways -

to think deeply, to focus one's mind

a practice

a technique

concentrating on an object, thought, or activity

mentally clear

emotionally calm


silence or with chanting

mantras and mudras

consider - contemplate


deep sense of peace

transforming the mind

training the mind

Anything & almost everything can be a meditative practice to someone. There is one of us who meditates as they wash dishes and there is also one of us who clears away all the sound, lights incense, puts an eye mask on, and mediates. There is a process, technique, a song, a mantra, a mudra, that will work for you. Getting started, trying, staying committed - is the most important aspect. Connecting with self through meditation brings so many benefits. The conversation we have with ourselves is truly where the magic gains momentum.

Curious about getting started?

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Lunar Practice

Honoring the cycles of the earth & ourselves

"Just like the moon we go through phases" -

The Moon - Londrelle (feat. Naomi the Goddess)

Where to start when speaking of the connection between the feminine and the moon. We, women, by nature - through nature are connecting deeply with the moon. The lunar goddess in the sky, singing sweet songs to us as she does to the waters.

Women naturally have a cycle very similar to that of the moon. Our menstrual cycles present around the 28 day mark, mirroring the cycles of the moon. Many women experience a true sync to the moon, bleeding around the new moon and ovulating around the full moon.

Just like the waning and waxing of the moon the cycles of our bodies build up and slow down. When we honor our divine feminine we honor the cycles of our body. When women listen to the wisdom of their bodies, honor the phases of the journey, and allow the messages their body gives to be heard - they empower themselves.

We set intentions at the new moon and we celebrate our journey, progress, and abundance at the full moon. We respect and listen to the process that our body takes each month.

Working with lunar energy is impactful, powerful, and so deeply revealing to the feminine soul.

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EFT, NLP, Mindfullness

& so much more

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping Therapy, is a practice of emotional acupressure. You release negative emotions and expel limiting beliefs from the physical body while reprogramming the mind to process in a new way.

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming works by helping us change the way we think, the way we process, re-examine past events/thoughts/feelings, and helps us approach life in a new way.

We use a myriad of principles and techniques. What works for one might not work in the same way for another, our process is for the individual and we customize your experience to suit your needs. We are able to work with energy healing, reiki, intuitive readings, tarot, mindset, limiting beliefs, divine feminine, crystals, oils, intention, mantra, meditation, lunar work, goddess work, chakras, aura, cords, EFT, NLP, mindfulness, and that is just the beginning.

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Intersted in working with Lindsay? 

Schedule a 30 minute discovery call with her! On our discovery calls Lindsay goes over your current roadblock, limiting beliefs, and areas you'd like to develop. She will walk you through Our & Are's Signature 90 Day Coaching Program. Find out if you & Lindsay are a client & coach soulmate fit.