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Women who have worked with Lindsay have achieved the most amazing results, here are just a few of the many accomplishments, results, and up-levels they walked away with!

  • Increased love and acceptance of themselves in a more full, deeper way

  • Ability to approach problems & roadblocks from an intuitive perspective, looking at things this way allows you to gain the lesson with more ease and grace.

  • Ability to release the need to suffer and up-level through victim mode

  • MAKE MORE MONEY! Yes, this is a big one, money, abundance, and prosperity come through to clients in unexpected & expected ways

  • Gain more aligned clients, if you are an entrepreneur, service provider, coach or consultant one of the results is more soulmate clients ready and willing to sign up & pay you for your great work.

  • Confidence in who you are and what you do!

  • Ability to see your roadblocks ahead of time and circumvent them with ease and grace

  • Connection with your Divine Feminine and become your Goddess self.

  • Ability to cultivate magic and are able to create anything they desire.

  • Ability to USE the tools and skills you have to live the life of your dreams, AND START LIVING YOUR DREAMS!

  • Increased opening of themselves to a new way of helping others, healed people heal people (the ripple effect of love, happiness, compassion, abundance, and joy is exponential)

  • Knowledge of EFT/tapping, NLP, reiki, rituals, divine feminine, lunar practice, intuition, tarot, energy healing, chakras, auras, meditation, plant medicine and so much more

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Want to know what our Signature 90 Day Coaching Program can do for you?

Are you ready to shift your mindset, bust through limiting beliefs, and up-level your life?


Who is the Our & Are lady love who comes to work with us & changes her life?

  • Are you a spiritual entrepreneur, of spiritual boss babe ready for the next level but feeling stuck in your life and/or business?

  • Are you a woman who constantly operates in the masculine? Always pushing, always hustling, burning out all the time, and not fulfilled? Are you feeling the lack from all that?

  • Are you feelings like the true YOU has been lost in the hustle and bustle of your day to day?

  • Do you experience stress on a regular basis?

  • Are you a spiritual business owner who is stuck in the learning without earning cycle?

  • Do you doubt yourself constantly?

  • Do you FEEL that something is still missing from your equation?

  • Do you know that you wants more out of life than working your ass off, making money and still feeling empty?

  • Are you craving something, are you feeling empty, have you been searching for the “solution” “path” and “process”?

  • Are you spending too much time in low vibe?

  • Do you feel like you are in the passenger seat of you life and/or business?

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Do you want to feel absolutely in love and confident in yourself?


Do you want to feel excited, motivated, and powerful when it comes to your life, desires, and goals?


Do you want to be in control of your happiness?


Do you want the skill to shift out of low vibrations and back into your power?


Are you ready to cultivate a personal practice that opens up your intuition and energy to a whole new level?


Are you ready to get in full alignment with yoyr great work, call in soulmate clients who desire to pay you and work with you?


Do you want to be more connected to your femininity, want to connect with your sexuality, want to be an empowered sensual goddess?


Do you want to be a woman who is capable of receiving?


Are you ready for connection, community, and do you crave the feeling of being held, loved, supported, and desire that space of feminine connection?


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You are capable of achieving everything you desire on your own, but if you want to speed up that process, let Lindsay help you!

Through her love, support, guidance, and connection you can up-level & fast!

Lindsay is a powerful and aligned Spiritual Wellness & Mindset Coach. She helps soulpreneurs & spiritual boss babes develop their intuition, connect with their divine feminine & up-level their life. She is a lightworker, Reiki Master, intuitive healer, & she is a passionate Divine Feminine practitioner.

Her comprehensive approach to spiritual connection includes coaching, mindset, lunar phases, embodiment, busting limiting beliefs, manifestation, EFT, NLP, crystal therapy, energy healing practices, meditation, rituals, & so much more.

Her work focuses on developing the intuition - she gives women an experience when they work with her, but she also provides them with the tools to continuously develop their intuition & use their skills daily.

She works with women on connecting to their Divine Feminine - that soft, feeling, juicy feminine aspect. She teaches an opening to our divine magnetic nature as women, a willingness to receive.

She is committed to up-levels and elevating your vibration.

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When  you join Lindsay in her Signature 90 Day Coaching Program - here is a little taste of what you can expect.

Start with your 90 minute introduction call, here you will discuss everything you’d like to shift, elevate, and all the limitations you’d like to break through.

This is the chance for Lindsay to get to know who you are, where you are at, what you are looking for, catch up on your life up to this point.

After you provide her with all the areas of desired growth, here she will have an opportunity to navigate your energy and dive deep into what’s holding you back. Then she creates a plan for how to get you where you want to go!

Then work with Lindsay once a week on a 60 minute call; dive into the deep work, ask questions, gain support, and be guided.  After every session get an audio copy of your call so you can review & re-listen as often as you want. You will also get a myriad of support tools on your recap & recording email: journal prompts, affirmations, homework, activities, rituals, practices and so much more to support your continued growth.

In her 90 Day Coaching Program there is one 90 min introduction call, and 11 weekly - 60 min coaching calls. That’s a total of 12 calls with Lindsay, where you get one on one attention and her undivided support in your personal growth.

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“Just to sum it all up in a very quick nutshell, I ended up finishing my time with Lindsay - a stronger, more energetically aligned and spiritually aligned soulprenuer. I came out of the 90 days knowing so much more about myself, feeling much more confident, and everything reflected in that way as well. My clients became more aligned, I got rid of the things in my business that no longer served me, I changed personal relationships, I moved the energy around which helped me show up as a more authentic me, so for all of that Lindsay I am so grateful, and so thankful.”

– Ruby Lee

co-owner of Own Your Hustle

& former 90 Day Signature Coaching Program

client of Lindsay with Our & Are

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Hear all about Ruby's experience and how this program changed her life and business.

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“It was quantum success, it was that leap, it was faster than ever, it was bigger than I ever thought possible for myself.”

- Kimberley Wenya

of the Kimberley Wenya Podcast,

Manifestation Coach

on the progress she received from working with Lindsay in her

90 Day Coaching Program

Watch the full video.

Hear all about Kimberley's experience in Lindsay's Coaching Program

up-level your life

Are you curious?

Want to know what our Signature 90 Day Coaching Program can do for you?

"The biggest thing I took away from working with Lindsay, beyond the abundance pouring in, beyond the massive up-levels, beyond all the technical work we did together, even beyond the massive releases of the past, was the joy that came back into my life. In working with Lindsay I brought the joy, the bliss, the happiness back into my life. This is the person I am, I’m so grateful to her for helping me get back to myself."

- Rachel Brewster,

Corporate Boss Babe

& Graduate of Our & Are’s 90 Day Coaching Program

Want to watch Rachel's full testimonial video?

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With every coaching program:

  • You get a recording of each call so you can revisit and relisten as you desire

  • A recap email where Lindsay gives you the information, links, and resources (this allows you to stay focused and in the vibration of calls because you aren’t trying to jot everything down)

  • Journal prompts, mediations, affirmations, and so many practices recommended by Lindsay

  • Plenty of time for Q+A.

  • You get access to my private FB group for life and the community of lovely ladies that comes with that

  • You have access to me via whatsapp for constant support

  • The ability to email as you need to update her on your progress or anything you’d like to add to the program

Bonus 1

We offer some AMAZING bonuses FREE with your 90 Day Signature Coaching Program.

Get Our & Are's Ebook "How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams"

Learn how to identify your desires, release limiting beliefs, feel the feelings, take inspired action, and bring in that which you desire.

Women have manifested things like free upgrades, vibe tribe new friends, phenomenal new partners, new jobs, the perfect vacation & trips, promotions, new jobs, stellar material things, up-leveled opportunities, & so much more!

Price: $450

FREE with YOUR 90 Day Coaching Program


Spiritual Coaching for Coaches - a workbook 

Are you a coach?

Would you love to get Our & Are's Ebook "Spiritual Coaching for Coaches"?

Lay some great ground- work for your spiritual coaching business. Whether you are a current successful coach, a coach just getting into the business, or thinking about maybe potentially in the future becoming a coach this ebook will help you get clear, make moves, and call in your desires.

Price: $350

FREE with YOUR 90 Day Coaching Program


How to Create a Ritual Bath - a sacred practice 

Connect with the magic of ritual baths! Learn how to create the perfect ritual bath for your goals. How to set the intention, how to create sacred space, cleanse stagnation, and select tools and ingredients that will help you create the ritual of your dreams.

Price: $250

FREE with YOUR 90 Day Coaching Program

Let's change your life lady!

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If you are ready to take your power back, shift your vibration, and open yourself up to a life and business that is truly aligned with who you are and what you love, book a one on one discovery call with Lindsay and learn all about how her Signature 90 Day Coaching PRogram - WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


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Commit to yourself

Book your call, what do you have to lose?

This is an immersive, deep, & impactful coaching program. This program is for those who want to up-level their life, they want the growth to stick, and they want to become conscious creators of the life they desire! You MUST be dedicated to your spiritual growth and you MUST be committed to show up and doing the work.

> Do you want to feel absolutely in love and confident in yourself?

> Are stuck in the hamster wheel of life and do you desire to take control and start living from intention?

> Do you want to feel excited, motivated, and powerful when it comes to your life, desires, and goals?

> Do you know that happiness is an inside job but you struggle to connect the dots? Are you stuck when it comes to finding the way to cultivate and be 100% in control of your own happiness?

> Do you want the skill to shift out of low vibrations and back into your power?

> Are you ready to show up for your business, side hustle, or aligned career in a new and refreshed way?

> Do you desire to live in abundance doing your souls work?

Then this IS the program for you!


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This program is NOT for you:

If you are not ready to invest in yourself… 

If you keep telling yourself you will do the work when you make more money, when you get a new partner, when life slows down, when things get easier…

If you don’t want to do some deep work and uncover where your self limitations are holding you back…

If you are not ready, willing, or interested in taking control of your life and decisions…

If you are willing to settle for just getting by, ok, or good instead of great…

If you are unwilling to take the jump into the unknown power of your own magic…

This IS NOT the program for you!

If ARE ready to invest in yourself, take control of your life, and YOU KNOW everything you desire is for you… then it is time to schedule a discovery call.

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It's time to up-level

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What if I am not ready quite yet?

We understand that this is a commitment, and since we ask you to show up fully for this program we want to you to commit when you are prepared. Of course we want to remind you that so often we need to take a leap of faith on things that we desire and hold back from based on fear. We want you to overcome fear and show up for yourself. If you are working out the details, the finances, the timing, the energetic space for this program we understand. Lindsay only has a certain amount of coaching clients that she takes on per month. When you know that you want to sign up, you can email us to be put on the waitlist if she is not actively taking on new clients and you will get an email before she opens up coaching spots for the next month.

Do you know you want to work with Lindsay but want to start in a month or two? You are also able to secure your coaching program start date in a future month with a deposit, inquire on your discovery call for pre-booking options. 



What if I'm looking for something at a lower rate?

We understand that everyone is in a different place when it comes to finances. We know that this program will help with your money mindset, abundance, and so much more! If you need a payment plan we have an offer for you, Our & Are’s 90 Day Slow Your Roll Coaching Program offers a slow and steady delivery method with a payment plan. Take a look at the program on our Services page: http://ourandare.com/services/


Do you offer refunds?

Our & Are does not offer refunds. Spiritual Wellness & Mindset coaching asks a lot from you and Lindsay, Our & Are’s Spiritual Wellness & Mindset Coach. When you commit to this program we ask that you fully commit. If you leave yourself that out, that plan b, that back up, you will allow that option to pop up. We want you to get all of the progress, all of the magic, and all of the up-levels possible and if you don’t commit 100% that creates opposing forces. Once you have processed your payment Our & Are does not offer refunds.

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“Working with Lindsay changed my life in more ways than I can event count. I came into her program focused on working through relationship stagnation but what I got was so much more. I saw immediate change in my life, my abundance/finances, my mindset, and my ability to achieve my dreams & desires. Lindsay taught me the skillsets I needed to take back my power. I feel more connected to my own gifts, intuition, and self than ever before. The best part, it has only gotten better even after the end of our program. I’ve gotten raises, promotions, free gifts, checks in the mail, drops on my interest rates, i’ve found a new passion/side hustle, and I love myself more than i ever have. Everyday i focus on what i want and how i want to feel, i couldn’t have imagined how much those calls would change my life but i am so thankful i took the leap of faith and invested in myself”

- Katie Kaz,

corporate powerhouse and aligned spiritual boss babe

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Up-leveling women's lives is my passion.
It all started with my own spirituality and wellness journey, I've been on it for years. I have taken classes, gotten certifications, researched, bought all the crystals, journaled, gone on trips, worked with plant medicine, read the books, messed up (so many times). I've learned lessons the hard way and I've assimilated lessons with ease and grace.
I have hated myself, judged myself, lost myself, thought so poorly of myself. BUT I have also loved myself, showered myself with affection, attention, love, support, and self care.
I have traveled and I have searched. I learned how to cultivate my own happiness, how to love myself so fully and deeply that it unlocked new levels of intuition. I now honor my body and her cycles, I honor my divine feminine, I honor my soul, and I work with all parts of me. I have released stress and anxiety almost completely from my life. I am able to look for meaning and reasons behind interactions with my friends, family, and partners. I am able to stay balanced in the face of triggering situations. I am grateful not only for the amazing things in my life but for every trauma, drama, and hardship because it brought me to this place.
After doing years of work on self - I realized that these gifts, this magic, and all the wisdom I've worked so diligently to gather was meant for so much more. It is meant to change the world, to elevate other woman, it is meant to share.
I started Spiritual Wellness & Mindset Coaching to share these gifts with other woman. I want to help woman make more money, achieve more fulfillment, be happier, know how to cultivate their own happiness, be more in love with themselves and other, and of course -develop their intuition - connect to their divine feminine - up level their lives.

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