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Here at Our & Are

We hold space & coach magical women, like you, so they can live their best lives and step into the fullest version of their businesses.

We help you remove blockages, move past roadblocks, release stagnation, cleanse yourself of all that does not serve you. Together we work on shifting your mindset, achieving your dreams, and developing you relationships.

Do you want to shift the paradigms that hold you back? Would you like to call up and transmute stuck energy from childhood and rid yourself of the extra energetic weight you've been carrying?

Develop the skills, tools, & understanding to manifest your desires with ease & grace. We work with beautiful ceremonies & rituals that help you feel deeply connected to you Divine Feminine, Goddess Self, Highest Self, & Sacred Self.

Do you want to become fully tethered to your true essence. We help you see the magic in your world & we help you understand that YOU are magic & have magic within YOU.



Does Spiritual Coaching speak to you?

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Meet Our Founder - Lindsay Schroeder

Lindsay is Our & Are's Spiritual Wellness, Intuitive Business, & Mindset Coach.

She is a light worker, Reiki Master, intuitive healer, & she is a passionate Divine Feminine practitioner.

Her comprehensive approach to wellness & spiritual connection includes coaching, mindset work, connecting with the lunar phases, embodiment, busting limiting beliefs, manifestation, EFT, NLP, crystal work, healing circles, meditative practice, rituals creation, & much more.

Her work focuses on developing the intuition - she believes in giving women not only an experience when they work with her, but providing them the tools to continuously develop their intuitive skills & use their own intuition in everyday life to answer their important questions.

She works with women on connecting with their Divine Feminine - that soft, divine, juicy feminine aspect we each possess. So often, we as women brought up in this masculine world, we have been trained and taught that our masculine selves are the most important, the more successful, and the part of us we need to exist in. Lindsay helps women connect, develop, and own up that sensual, feeling, powerful aspect of self. Are you ready to step out of hustle, push, force, and move into flow so your desires are magnetized to you?

And she is committed to massive up-levels, she helps women shift and elevate their vibration. This change affects everything, resulting in more happiness, more self love, more abundance, and a more fulfilling life & business.

She was called to this work because she's spent years of her life studying, researching, and healing her own self. In healing her own life she found that she longed to share the practices that helped her release her childhood trauma, work through past relationship issues, develop deep self awareness, self confidence, and self love. She is passionate about helping women become conscious creators of the life they truly desire.

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Ready to find out more?


Before anything else,

find yourself,

be yourself,

love yourself



Love Yourself

90 Day Up-level Coaching Program

Our & Are's signature program is 90 days of absolute game changing magic.

Want to up-level your life?

This program is for you!

Feel stuck, feel like something is missing, want to change that?

This program is for you!


This is an immersive, deep, & impactful coaching program. This program is for those who want to up-level & fast! You MUST be dedicated to your spiritual growth and you MUST be committed to really doing the work.

Our signature program is 12 weeks of powerful coaching calls. One call a week for 12 weeks, homework, journal prompts, and so much more.

Women who take this course feel the best they have ever felt about themselves during & after they work with Lindsay.

Lindsay helps women who feels like there is more to life that what they are living right now.

Do you know that happiness is an inside job but you struggles to connect the dots, and find the way to cultivate and be 100% in control of her own happiness?

Lindsay helps women who constantly operate in the masculine, do you have a high powered job, do you manage people, do you work in corporate America, do you experience stress on a regular basis, do you doubt yourself, you want to be successful but know that it’s MORE than just a dollar amount, you make good money but are still lacking. Do you know that you wants more out of life than going to work, working your ass off, making money and then feeling empty? Our & Are helps women just like you every single day. Do you want to be more connected to your femininity, want to connect with your sexuality, want to be an empowered sensual goddess? Do you want to be women who are capable of receiving? Do you crave love and passion and want to be in love with your life?

We help women who want to up-level their spiritual connection, women who are curious about all the spiritual tools and want to add to their self practice. Do you want for connection, community, love, support, and do you crave the feeling of being held, loved, supported, and desire that space of feminine connection. We help women who fear they are not enough, who lack confidence, who have forgotten that YOU ARE FUCKING MAGIC. Do you chose to play small? All that changes when work with us. We will wake you up. We will call you to be you, all of you, that more, that muchness that you have inside of you, we call that forth. We show you that not only is it ok to be her, but it's hurting you to NOT BE HER!  You are capable of achieving everything you desire on your own, but if you want to speed up that process, let us help you! Through Our & Are's love, support, guidance, and connection you can up-level & fast!

Do you want to

  • love and accept yourself fully?
  • connect with your Divine Feminine and become your Goddess self?
  • learn that you hold magic and are able to create anything you desire?
  • have the tools and skills to live the life of your dreams?
  • accept yourself full as you work on yourself? .
  • believe that you are perfect in this moment, as you grow to the fullest and happiest version of yourself?
  • connect deeply with your own innate gifts and find new ways to use them in your life to make more money, bring in more happiness, and be a better parent/lover/partner/friend/family member?
  • believe in yourself and your work?
  • gain confidence and intuition?
  • help others because you have been helped? (the ripple effect of love, happiness, compassion, abundance, and joy is exponential)


Ladies! Lindsay here, I want to work with you!

We start with a 90 minute introductory call. Let’s get to know who you are, where you are at, what you are looking for, catch up on your life up to this point. I’ll tell you about me, how I work, what modalities we have to work with, how I can help & heal and we can get a feel for where you are in your spiritual practice. This way I can do introductions to areas you aren’t familiar with and dive deep immediately into areas you are versed in.

Then I create a  plan for how to get you where you want to go!

  • Let’s hear about those roadblocks lady. What is standing in your way. Tell me every little thing about issues, blocks, operating systems, limiting beliefs, etc etc etc – Let’s lay it all out on the table, any and everything you would like to work through.
  • Now let’s dig deeper into those roadblocks, limiting beliefs, paradigms, and let’s pull apart your current operating system. I want to start putting our fingers on where these issues come from, where they are stored, what they are attached to, which of course will speak to how we lift and eliminate them.
  • What do you want! It’s as simple as that. Just kidding, it’s actually so much. Getting clear on what you want is a MAJOR topic so let’s dig deep, dream big, and really lay the groundwork.
  • What are you currently doing for your spiritual practice, have you changed anything, what edits, additions, and up-levels have you added/shifted/changed etc. Let’s take a look at your practice, your tools, and how you currently operate
  • Spiritual Tools, last week we talked about what you are currently doing, now let’s give you the tools to change the game. I will go over what you are currently doing with you, show you areas of improvement, small and big changes that will make a world of difference. Let’s find out where you want to put your spiritual time and energy, maybe that’s working with the moon, adding some rituals, intuitive guidance cards, upping your meditation game? The options are basically endless, so let’s build a now, soon, and ideal plan. What you can implement today to kickstart the process, what you will work to in the near future, and in the long run what is your ideal spiritual program.
  • Let’s design the life of your dreams, how do you want to operate, what do you want life to look like, what areas of growth do you have and let’s create an outline for you to up-level. You have some pain points that usually trip you up? That’s ok let’s build a process for you to bust through those limiting beliefs and change the game. I will help you problem solve, release, and re-program.
  • What do we need to revisit? What to go back into a spiritual tool or a record a full tapping script? Want to discuss how you integrate these works with your friend group or how to include your partner in your up-levels? Are you finding resistance to your mindset work? Let’s work through it!
  • Let’s walk through your journal prompts, the ones you’ve done so far, if any of them were hard or you’ve avoided let’s look at it. Let’s fill out your tapping script together, and go through it a few times. Let’s look at the over view for what you want – since you need to be working on this for a while to start getting into the details of what you truly want, let’s start now! Journal prompts, Fill out your tapping script, Prep work for what you want

The last days are all about answering any lingering questions you have, we have 60 mins to play around with, we can do a few 15 min calls to answer questions or deal with a concern as it pops up. If you have a topic you want to dig in on before we finish up let’s schedule a 60 min video chat. I want to make sure you are ready to take on the world, you tell me what will serve you best? Is that an energy healing session or a guided mediation? Let’s do it!

With every coaching program there is always

  • Plenty of time for Q+A.
  • You get access to my FB group and the community of lovely ladies that comes with that
  • You have access to me via text, whatsapp, or facebook messenger

Let's change your life lady!


Want to get rid of...

  • barriers, blocks, and stickiness
  • fogginess
  • stagnation
  • what is no longer serving them
  • weight and heaviness
  • the old paradigms from childhood
  • negativity and self doubt
  • who you think you should be or need to be & be WHO YOU TRULY ARE


What kind of results do women get from working with Our & Are and committing to Lindsay's 90 day coaching program?

You will experience MASSIVE releases, letting go of what is holding you back and of course you are experiencing constant aha moments, up-levels, and paradigm shifts.

You have more freedom around understanding how to achieve the life of your dreams and how to get there.

You will be happier and more filled with joy.

You will feel satisfaction in all areas of your life.

You will help more people.

Your family will be more supported.

You will build up confidence in yourself and your work/goals/accomplishments.

You will change the world.


I know it is scary to invest in a program. I know that you don't know if you'll show up for it or if it will work or what you will get out of it. I know from years of experience that being in the energy of those who know more than you in one area or another and vibrate at a high vibration in life... CHANGES you. And this great work, is always worth it! ... it's about learning how to THINK & BE like someone who lives the life of their dreams, cultivates their own happiness, is satisfied in their relationships, family, with their friends, and is joyous. I will help you get into the FEELING! ... and it will absolutely change your life and world.


P.S. We have some AMAZING bonuses that go with this program.



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